“Aestheticism is the garbage of intuitive feeling.
You want to see pieces of living nature on the hooks of your walls.
Just as Nero admired the torn bodies of people and animals from the zoological garden.
I say to all: reject love, reject aestheticism, reject the trunks of wisdom, for in the new culture your wisdom is laughable and insignificant.”
-Kazimir Malevich


  • Look around with the mouse (and move with WASD if you want)
  • Left click to select a shape
  • Right click to return all selected shapes
  • Press “R” to get new shapes, costs 10 seconds
  • Press “Esc” to unlock mouse cursor

It may be more satisfying to figure out the logic of the game on your own, but more detailed instructions are below.


A supremum is a set of three objects.

These objects all have three properties:
A number of shapes within them (1-3), a color (red, black, or brown) and a shape (circle, line, or square).
For a set of three objects to be valid these three properties have to be either all the same or all different.

E.g. these are valid:
One red square, two red lines, three red circles.
They are all the same color, each number is different, each shape is different.

Two black squares, two red lines, two brown circles.
Different color, same number, different shape.

One red square, two black lines, three brown circles.
Everything different.

Two brown lines, two brown lines, two brown lines.
Everything the same.

Made for Ludum Dare #26

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