Hotdog Hallway


A silly, local multiplayer game made for the Nordic Game Jam 2014. The game attempts to explore the theme ‘Privacy’ by challenging the players’ sense of personal space. One controlling player should be blindfolded with hands on the keyboard and then guided by another player behind them massaging his or her shoulders indicating whether to push the left or the right button. We made it mainly to get strangers to play it at the jam, but you can give it a try if you have a friend nearby. If it gets too easy, just give the second player blindfolds on as well, and add a third player!  Ideally the controlling player doesn’t know the theme and the corny graphics provide some cheap laughs for the audience.  Made in collaboration with Nick Rockel, Iliana Pavlova, Max Fitzgerald and James Clark who I met at the jam.

Try it here!

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