Tadpole movement

I’m working on a new, expanded version of Fathoms with more actual gameplay and decided to begin with just making different sorts of marine life.

Hopefully when I’ve spent some time making movement and AI I’ll work out some ideas about how to tie it together into a little tablet game.

This little test shows 50 small fish/tadpoles swimming around with some simple flocking logic:
(click reset if the fish don’t spawn right away)

The method is based on this guide, needing just a bit of work to get it running with rigidbodies and such. Main difference is not worrying about velocity, each fish swims forward by adding force so the steering algorithms only return normalized vectors.

  • Alignment – determines how eager they are to swim in the same direction
  • Cohesion – how close they want to be
  • Separation – how much they avoid one another
  • Edge – how quickly they turn away from the edge
  • Flocking radius – how far they can ‘see’ each other

The music will probably be the theme for the finished game :)

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