Don’t Mind the Trunk


Explore a strange little world and its inhabitants. A calm little game with puzzles and weird creatures. Made in one week at the Castle Game Jam in collaboration with Fredrik “Stedden” Stedenfeldt.

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“Elepigs? Pigaphants? Who knows. Wait, this one looks angry. I wonder what happens if I click on – OH JESUS CHRIST I’VE OPENED ITS HEAD.”
– Rock, Paper, Shotgun


Carrots and Cream


Short horror game about digging up and grating carrots. For Asylum Jam 2015 where the theme is making horror games without mental illness tropes.

Originally here on Game Jolt.
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“Absolutely horrific tale involving vitamin-rich carrots and thick, delicious cream. Short but definitely not sweet.”
– Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Luckily, I’m not such a big eater of carrots. For if I were I think playing the Asylum Jam entry Carrots and Cream would have been […] detrimental to my life. ”
Kill Screen


Dirt Sun

Puzzle horror game made for Asylum Jam 2016. A large door is locked with a weird puzzle. Explore the lower levels of the game to find and photograph clues for the puzzle before the monster catches you.

Here on Gamejolt.
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With Apologies to Steve Reich


Two small games for the BitJam on Itch. The purpose of the jam was to make games with only one bit of output, so most of the games use blinks and beeps.

KBRD CLMBR is a short one-hand dexterity game where you have to ‘climb’ up your keyboard, moving from the left row of keys to the right, keeping keys pressed on the previous row before you reach the next.

With Apologies to Steve Reich is a useless toy about making phase music out of random soundbites. Very loosely inspired by the music of Steve Reich.


Hyper Haiku


Entry for Nordic Game Jam 2016.  Punishing local two player racing game. Collect different words as you race around the track, the collected words must form a haiku. Make a mistake and you’re moved back to start, first player to cross the finish line with a complete haiku wins and gets the poem read aloud.

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Entry for the WAG Challenge game jam. The theme for the jam was Down the Rabbit Hole and only the writing in the game is judged. Puncture is a very short narrative experiment, basically a simple choose-your-own-adventure where pressing the symbol to the left will change some of the passages.

Android version on Google Play.

Music by Andreas Busk.


Double Trouble

Another local multiplayer game made for the Nordic Game Jam 2015. A tandem bike racing game! It’s meant for four players, two players on each controller: rotate both thumbsticks clockwise to ride forward and press the triggers to turn. Avoid hitting AI players and chickens crossing the road.

Lose the opposing team off the back of the screen to win.

Made in collaboration with Nick Rockel, Iliana Pavlova, James Clark and Bjørn Dam Larsen.


Advesperation 2ss4

Submission for the 2014 Asylum Jam. The jam is about making horror games without the over worn themes of asylums and negative depictions of mental health issues in general.

A short adventure game using the same Unity+Twine combo as my last Ludum Dare entry.

Features some awesome spooky ambience by Andreas Busk.



The theme for Ludum Dare 30 was ‘Connected Worlds’. I made a little experimental game connecting Twine with the Unity Webplayer. It’s a simple, rather weird adventure game, and my first attempt at interactive fiction and Twine.


Snowman Stacker


Really small entry for Ludum Dare 31. I only had Sunday evening, so this is what I could manage in about seven hours. The link is for the Android version which is improved a bit from the version at the LD site.

The object is to re-stack the snowman, reversing their position and rolling them to a fitting size (each ball half the size of the ball under it)



A peaceful fishing game, the first Ludum Dare I finished in 48 hours for the compo and not the Jam. Ludum Dare 29 with the theme ‘Beneath the Surface’. Fire flares into the dark waters to see where the fish are, avoid bumping into them with your boat while trying to tag them all with radio transmitters.


Hello Panda


A silly little endless running game. Made as a joke for a friend and for trying out Unity and Android and Google Play Game Services.

Requires a Google account and will upload hi-scores to a leaderboard.

Get it in the Play store.



Made for a small jam with the theme ‘Vaporwave’ at You plan the programming for a sort of retro-futuristic news channel. Draw in viewers by showing scary and sensational news that drive the viewers’ anxiety up. Then earn money by showing them commercials to calm them down again. Plays like a sort of card game, but with VHS tapes.

With an original score by Andreas Busk.


Like a Lamb

You join the Lamb’s creations and must figure out which of them is the killer. The theme was ‘Ten seconds’ for Ludum Dare 27. Every ten seconds the killer chooses another victim from a set of simple rules. Point him out before everyone is dead.

An attempt at making a simple whodunnit game. I ended up spending more time on mood and style than getting the gameplay to work right, though.




A simple puzzle game inspired by suprematist art. Made for Ludum Dare 26 with the theme ‘Minimalism’.


Hotdog Hallway

A silly, local multiplayer game made for the Nordic Game Jam 2014. The game attempts to explore the theme ‘Privacy’ by challenging the players’ sense of personal space. One controlling player should be blindfolded with hands on the keyboard and then guided by another player behind them massaging his or her shoulders indicating whether to push the left or the right button. We made it mainly to get strangers to play it at the jam, but you can give it a try if you have a friend nearby. If it gets too easy, just give the second player blindfolds on as well, and add a third player!

Ideally the controlling player doesn’t know the theme and the silly, exaggerated graphics provide some cheap laughs for the audience.

Made in collaboration with Nick Rockel, Iliana Pavlova, Max Fitzgerald and James Clark who I met at the jam.